Measuring Tools

pocket levels
combination squares
Vernier Calipers

Tubular Spring Balances Hand Held

Thicknees Gauges
Surface Gauges

Steel Compasses
Stainless Steel Straight Rules
Spring Platform Scales

Spring Outside Calipers
Spring Inside Calipers
Spring Balance Scales

Screw Pitch Gauges
Pressure and Compound Gauge
Precision Try Squares

Precision Flat Try Squares
Outside Micrometer With Counter
Outside Calipers

One Side Calipers
OM With Interchangeable Anvils
Measuring Tapes

Lock Joint Transfer Outside Calipers
Lock Joint Transfer Inside Calipers
KOLOR KUT Water Finding Paste

KOLOR KUT Gasoline and Oil

Inside Calipers
Glycerine Filled Pressure Gauge

Digital Calipers
Depth Micrometers
Bench levels